Let’s Do It Again

gently take my hand

lace your fingers in mine
and I will also gently entwine mine with yours 
our blood will course together
and form a knot
so we can play the rope game
like we did way back
hanging on, not letting each other go
let’s do it again
the way we always do
alone I can only do little
but together we can do big things
so I won’t play alone
in our playground
I promise to stay with you
when we pee together
the foam we make endures
let’s do it again
because it soothes my body like a breeze
chai! my torrent
your gestures, gathering you,
your thoughts, the way you play, the way you think
when you stay quiet, hei! when you move
your insight, your deep gaze into things
I wish your words could bear fruit
chai! All these pour a pot of laughter on my face
let’s do it again
because it is so sweet to me
you fill me
then you overflow me