Because by Diana Anphimiadi

Listen to the poem ‘Because’ by the Georgian poet, translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and Jean Sprackland, from her PTC chapbook ‘Beginning to Speak’.

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the elephant by Adelaide Ivánova

Listen to ‘the elephant’ by Adelaide Ivánova, looks at how the human body processes trauma, translated by the poet Rachel Long and editor Francisco Vilhena.

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Sway by Yu Yoyo

Listen to ‘Sway’ by the Chinese poet Yu Yoyo, translated by the UK poet A K Blakemore and the editor & translator Dave Haysom. The poem was recorded during Yu yoyo’s UK tour.

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the half-confession by Adelaide Ivánova

Listen to the half-confession from ‘the hammer and other poems’ by Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova, read in Portuguese by the poet herself and in English translation by the poet Rachel Long.

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In Vain I Migrate by Abdellatif Laâbi

Abdellatif Laâbi is a leading Morrocan poet who writes in French and lives in exile in France. He helped found the important artistic journal Souffles. He is translated for the PTC by André Naffis-Sahely

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Stay by Yu Yoyo

‘Stay’ by Chinese poet Yu Yoyo is from her Worlds Poet Series collection ‘My Tenantless Body’ published by the PTC with translations by AK Blakemore and Dave Haysom.

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the hammer by Adelaide Ivánova

‘the hammer’ shows the great breadth of Adelaide Ivánova’s references, listen to Ivánova reading the original Portuguese and Rachel Long reading her English translation.

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The Word by Reza Mohammadi

Reza Mohammadi is an Afghan poet, writer and journalist, listen to his poem ‘The Word’ translated for the PTC by Irish poet Nick Laird and Hamid Kabir, from his PTC Chapbook.

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Sleepwalking by Yu Yoyo

This is a set of 11 connected poems. You will hear the Chinese poet Yu Yoyo reading her original text interwoven with her poet-translator, AK Blakemore, reading her English translation.

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