When Winter Comes


Notes on the literal translation:

[1] In this poem constant switch between I/you, can be interpreted either as someone else or the poet speaking to herself

[2] This is an image of censorship/ an image of someone who is only warmed by the fire of their burning books around them

[3] Jasmine is the name of Azita's daughter

[4] The idea that when you see the stones from far they seem frightening but from close there's nothing to be afraid of - when the sight of something is more dreamlike, connected to her daughter and to the dreamlike image of a deer running, it's no longer frightening

[5] Image of years passing like a horse that's run away - black years - the years have run away quickly

[6] The people in the mirror are the demons we invent for ourselves, the images we create of ourselves and that we don't like /often you hurt yourself more than anyone

Elhum Shakerifar, Literal Translator