guerilla bitchcraft

(for maria felipa)

it is said that in the name of independence
maria felipa beat the shit out
of the portuguese with giant nettles
trying to save salvador
and other lands from the yoke
of white men
it was when they took their clothes off
believing they’d be fucking
that felipa set the caravels on fire
maria felipa would seduce like Librans do
(DISTRACT AND DESTROY) anticipating by 100 years
the tactics now known as black bloc
had cobain been alive certainly
that little refrain would have been meant for her
‘polly wants a cracker’
(that story of the girl who seduces
the torturer and unshackles herself then tells
the story to deaf ears
as is the case of maria felipa
whose act of guerrilla bitchcraft
is known and celebrated by few)
fast forward 100 years and it’s me beating the shit
out of you though not with the weed (yep that one)
to save myself from dread
your republic of deep fried coxinhas won’t
accept mine, of northeastern mortadella,
but perhaps zika will level us all
micro- or anencephalic, just you and i
left fucking, molotov cocktail
of darkness, fertilising with your sperm
all my captaincies until this era
is named for a southern city,
‘new middle ages’.