We were two pairs of shoes made of leather
Belonging to one another
When we came together by the door
We share each other's memories.
You are a memory of a Roman calf
Bred in the shadows of Roman goddess
Bred in wisdom
Bred in recurring eras of vanity
From life to death
From sophistry to logic
And then
Grown to liberty with cynosures
Then a king made a shoe of you
And gifted to a monk
I was a baby Elk in China
The Mongols made a shield of me
The Persians a parchment in Balkh
Then a flag in Bamiyan
In Kabul I fell into the hands of a shoemaker
A thief bought me
From the time you were a shoe
Up to present time
Remained the same
The monk and the following generations
Neither wore you nor even saw you
You're still in frame
But I
walked with many many thieves
Day after day and night after night
Dragged me with them to here
And now you and me
With each other all along
With known memories of each other
We are two pairs of shoes made of leather